July 11, 2009

I've been whacked, I've been hacked, but Eheb's got my back

Last week was hell. Working three jobs, 14 hour days.... feast or famine, you know? Well, one show opens tonight, closes tomorrow, and then that'll be off my plate. May have picked up a second Fringe show through referral - that one's still iffy. May end up doing a lot more shows at Cunningham Studio if what the TD says regarding rentals next year is true. Kind of a mixed blessing, if so.

So I'm whacked out - fully tired - and didn't run Thursday (intentional rest day) or Friday (unintentional), though I did walk 2.5 miles, part of it on the Highline, which is neater than shit - you should go check it out. I am about to go out for three or four miles, depending how I feel. I slept very late - I needed it badly. Tomorrow I can get up a couple hours earlier and do a long run, probably six to seven miles.

Thanks to Michelle for pointing out my blog got hacked; I certainly can't be alone in this. I found the offending code and removed it. For those of you who have experienced similar corruption, look in your template's html code for this line and remove it:

My new black running shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've got. I wore my old running shoes Wednesday and Thursday and was hurting by the end of the day. Why would they do that? I haven't had problems before...

Okay, back from my run. Very hard at first, but the weather is nice and the second half of my run was very successful. 3 miles. After reaching my usual stopping point, I walked back along the route a little, intent on an immediate coffee/muffin reward. I walked through the crappy little park by the new high school, where they have a mister turned on for the kiddies, and had a nice refreshing walk through the spray. I've been to my local DD enough that the manager (who is ALWAYS there) knows me by name as Mr. Cris and I know his - Eheb, even though his nametag says something different ("That's my American nickname," he says.) I walked in and even though there was a short line, Eheb saw me and immediately started assembling my usual order - medium coffee, cream and sugar, and a blueberry muffin. Gawd, these muffins are like crack. I imagine that the first thing I'll croak out after waking up from major surgery or a coma will be to ask for one of DD's blueberry muffins. And some coffee.

Chili is cooking right now, have to shower, get some email answered, then it's off to the studio for tonight's performance. I must remember to take my camera. I've got some... er- "interesting" looks.

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