July 13, 2009

Blood, sweat, and beers

So I'm sitting here in the 14th street Apple Store, waiting for them to see me and fix my phone. Mic failure. *sigh* Shit happens.

Life is sure a long, strange, mystifying journey sometimes. Yesterday highlighted that for me. I woke up very late w/ zero energy. By the time I could force myself into running clothes, the temperature had climbed to 82. This should have been fine, since humidity was 33% and there was a light breeze, but I just couldn't do it. I decided, instead, to slip on running pants over my clothes, eat a late lunch (have I mentioned before how awesome my chili is? especially over rice?) and then go running later in the evening, once I got to Cunningham Studio.

Problem is, I got distracted by a phone call and forgot to dose for the carbs in my lunch. I checked my blood sugar two hours after lunch and it was over 300. *BIG FROWNY FACE* So, for the first time, I decided to "fix" it by dosing my insulin late. I took two units, knowing I'd be ingesting more carbs in the near future. I tracked my BG hourly and watched it fall. And fall. By the time I was at Cunningham and the lights were set up and we were just waiting for audience, it was reading 70 and I was beginning to feel hypo. *ANNOYED FROWNY FACE* (When I get home tonight, I'll post a scan of my tracking sheet, and you'll be able to see how things went.)

I'd made sure to bring some Sustained Energy, about 28g worth of carbs, with me for the "long" run, and I headed out for a run along the Hudson River ribbon, where I haven't run in many moons. The first two miles were surreal - I wasn't feeling 100%, but my lungs were doing well and I found that by running with my eyes gazing on the sky and keeping an eye on the road in my peripheral vision, I could really get some long segments in. Walking was often, but very short. By the time I was two miles down and crossing the pedestrian bridge to take a peak at the construction at Ground Zero, I was feeling much better.

My run back was also good with much less walking and some strides, trying to keep up with some slow-moving bicyclists. By the time I returned to Cunningham, I was feeling 100% better than before I'd started, blood sugar as back in normal range, I was sweaty and stinky, and noticed I'd actually managed to bleed on my running shirt from one of my arm sticks. The run might not have been as long as I planned for the day, but it was of good quality, I think.

It was also faster than I supposed it should be. I entered the studio mid-way through the performance of the first piece and was shocked. I'd though the concert would be halfway done before I got back. After the show, the stage manager and I hurriedly struck the rental equipment and went out for a refresher. We went to a little sushi place that was about to close and had some light Japanese beers and some sushi. And yes, I remember to take the proper amount of insulin at the proper time!

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