December 12, 2016'd that liver surgery go?

Post-transplant day 1098. Cancer doesn't have me yet.
Six cancers found, six dealt with. 25 staples. 10 days in hospital (I should be leaving tomorrow.) More drugs than I can count. 4 instances of getting walked in on while using the patient's bathroom.
The surgery was good and the cut exactly as described - sternum to belly-button.  I hurt like hell - pretty close to Nissen, a step or two down from transplant.
I'm not over this: not yet. Chemo to follow. April is angry about this. She's angry about all of this. I think she feels that we've paid our dues and shouldn't have to deal with this. Unfortunately, life works differently.
She possesses an emotional range I don't. Someone had to be angry about the flaws inherent in the system, locally and globally, and I don't have the energy for it.
Tonight, I am reminded I am still human and subject to the the multitude of injuries and illnesses like anybody else. Despite wishing it were otherwise.