June 10, 2014

A thank you note

Post-transplant day 182 ; 6 months.   A thank you note.

A six-month lungaversary in the middle of a workweek doesn't give itself over to heavy celebration, but it does to contemplation and review. Today marks the half-way mark to a year - a milestone of immense proportions. But I'm not discounting the importance of today.

Instead of rehashing the roller coaster recovery since transplant, or writing about my slightly stressful and never-ending ruminations about who my donor may have been (and yes I AM working on a letter to my donor's family), I have decided to write YOU a thank you note.

My dearly beloved, you gathered when I needed you most, to support and encourage and turn me away from negative thoughts. You gave me outlets for venting, souls to challenge in distracting word games, and examples I could compare to and realize I didn't have it so bad.

When I shouted into the internet void and told of some odd corner of my friends' and my journies, you listened and responded with sympathy, compassion, true sorrow for our speedbumps, and real enthusiasm for our gains. When I was silent.... even then, when I wasn't actively checking Facebook or my email, you were sending messages of support and love.

I've said before I couldn't have gotten through transplant without Piper Beatty, but in a broader way, I couldn't have gotten through it and the subsequent long recovery, without all of you.

Some of you are real-life friends, some are family, and some of you I've never met. One of you is now my girlfriend and I'm so thankful you had your eye on me. I hope to meet more of you as time goes by. Whatever the next six months brings, I hope it brings each of you the kind of personal support and love you showed me, especially if your life reaches a crisis point. Remember you can always reach out to me, too, for words of comfort or advice.

Today, six-months out from having my lungs replaced, I am reminded of the sanctity of close friendships, the warmth of friendly acquaintances, and the immeasurable worth of social support of every kind. Thank you all.