June 20, 2009

the soul-sucking rain

When people say the rain SUCKS, this is what they mean: it just sucks the soul and willpower and drive right out of you. Well, out of me, at least.

I had to force myself to go to the gym. I couldn't stand the thought of actually running in this weather, so I went to the gym. I put in a bad 30 minutes on the bike, unable to ramp it up to my normal effort level. That's according to the bike's numbers; my perceived level of exertion was right up there. I was sweating heavily and my heartrate was as high as it usually is, but my legs just didn't have it.

After that, I put in a mile on the treadmill, slowly ramping up from 5.5 miles per hour to 6.0 and increasing the incline from 0 to 1 degree. Doesn't sound like much, but this was my first time on the treadmill in forever. I paused for coughing only once and it wasn't very long. Actually, I think if I do one dedicated treadmill workout per week, slowly increasing pace and distance, then I can train myself back up to where I was three years ago and perhaps set a PR in September at the 5th Avenue Mile. At the very least, I need to relearn pacing and how to keep going through minor coughing fits.

I wrapped up my hour-long workout (maybe an hour and fifteen minutes) with stretching and weights. The stretching went very well, and I threw in some pushups, crunches, and pullups. Again, I felt weak throughout. I could only manage 30 pushups, 12 pullups, and a measly 15 crunches. On a regular day, I can do 50% more than that. Crunches & situps are my weak spot; I need to do more of them.

Weights were OK. I didn't have alot of time and the machines were very crowded, but I can definitely lift more than I could two months ago. Again, lacking energy, I found it difficult to complete my third sets and I didn't do all of the routines I usually do. *sigh*

The thing that worries me is that even though I AM growing stronger and can even see the results in the mirror, I'm not gaining any weight! I won't get truly concerned for another month or so, but I've got to put on some pounds! Marathon training begins in 10 days and it's a sure bet I'll be burning as much energy as I consume during the second half of training. So I have to put on pounds NOW.

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