June 19, 2009

iphone 3gs

Went to ReFi Rock last night, which was a benefit for BEF. Spent way too much on drinks, but the bands were good. Couldn't stay too late, though. I did see Jerry, who was selling Team Boomer gear, and met a guy who was really pushing the Toughman half-Ironman event. The event was held onboard The Intrepid and it was my first time there since the refit. I like a lot of what they did, but much of the museum was roped off for the night. I'd like to go back on a sunny day. I also wonder if the Intrepid will again host the Gotham Classic motorcycle show in the fall?

Funny thing is, after my nationwide exposure via CBS, I've never been recognized by people I don't know because of it. But last night, one of the women working for BEF and working the VIP entry desk recognized me and called me by name. Ah...she was pretty. Wish I'd gotten her number.

The new iphone is in. FedEx guy rang the bell and I happened to be walking out of the house at the same time. He mentioned that printing off the signature release form does nothing. They still have to get a live person to sign.

First things first: went for a 2-mile run. VERY difficult today due to humidity. Crazy. (Hopefully tomorrow will be better and that I can get out between rain showers. I'm damn sick of the rain, I can tell you. We didn't have any today, but it was still mostly overcast, things were wet, and the humidity was high. We need a break! I have moss growing on my stoop!)

Next: put on Invisible Skin. Always protect your electronics!

Next: Wait six hours. So that any remaining Invisible Skin application fluid is dried and gone. THEN plug in phone, let it register on the network, and direct iTunes to do it's thing.

First impressions: lots and lots and lots of little improvements in iphone 3.0 OS. Cut and Paste will be a godsend, I can see already. Keyboard feels more accurate, clickier, somehow. Voiceover will take some practice as pronunciation must be clear, but it is pretty damn good. (Drivers who insist on talking on the phone while they drive, take note! Your days are numbered anyhow, but in the meantime, please get a phone with some kind of voice activation feature and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel!)

It has a compass. How odd. Well, we'll see if having GPS and a compass helps me save the world someday. Or keeps me from having to spend the night in the desert like this fellow CFer: http://donmckenzie.ca/

There was some improvement I noticed just from the control panes in iTunes, but I've forgotten already. Oh, wait - encrypted iphone backups! Very important.

But something nobody has mentioned yet and I found by accident in the iPhone settings at the very bottom: Nike+ works with this iPhone!!! Hallelujah! Now I just gotta find my sensor...