June 17, 2009

cemetary loop

3.8 miles around Greenwood Cemetary. A good run all around. Lungs felt good, legs felt pretty good, especially after taking a Tylenol early and then getting stuck chatting with the owner next door (absentee landlord), who wonders why all of his tenants are moving out. A better question would be, why do all your tenants always move as soon as their leases are up, or even before? Hm?

Anyway, the run was good, done under cloudy skies, but with no chance of rain and some nice cooling breezes. Not a lot of walking, except coming up the big hill on the northeast side. The whole run probably took about 42 minutes. May have to start wearing my watch again. I wish I had more runs of this quality.

Made sure to stretch and eat good food right after the run, which this time included wasabi-soy-sauce almonds. These are great! Like wasabi peas and almonds mixed together. Not quite as good as cocoa-roast, though, which I have yet to see available in stores.

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