June 21, 2009

Beast-ie Boys

Well, ya wake up late for school and you don't wanna go...

Rain. The rain just doesn't stop. I got out today for 5.8 miles. The humidity really had an impact and I was walking frequently, though not for long stretches. My legs felt good and I generally felt strong, but had forgotten to bring fluid, so I was pretty greedy at the one fountain I passed about mile 3. I ran into Beast about mile 4. Here I was sweating my ass off, shirtless, walking, getting pretty tired, and wondering how I'm going to be ready for marathon training. Beast, on the other hand, looked cool and collected in his tri gear. Turns out he'd biked 100 miles that morning and was going for a short 5-miler for fun. He'd done a half-Ironman last weekend and is thinking about doing one next weekend. He's in training for a 150-miler. Holy crap. Amazing.

Finished the run on a downhill, so that felt pretty good. I reflected that it is time I strapped the running watch back on and started keeping track of these things formally again.

Rain returned in the afternoon.

My neighbor gave me a bunch of CDs before he moved and I've been importing them into iTunes. Lots of hard rock, heavy metal, electronica, that sort of thing, but also some classic old school anger music. I especially like the Beastie Boys. I'm so lame.

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Michelle said...

Are you kidding me? I love running to the BB! Try it!

Who is Beast? That man is hardcore!

Good job on your run. It is not easy these days!