June 23, 2009

Aborted rest day

I know I took Saturday off, but I'm not exercising today, other than some walking. I haven't had any real energy in my workouts the last three days, so maybe I need a day off for my legs. Eat well, sleep well, get some bills paid. I'm trying to troubleshoot a single quirk in my internet connection that won't let me upload usage logs to the makers of my CAD software.

I went to a composition recital last night, Leo Seoda's, a fellow I'll be working with later this summer. He is immensely talented. Tonight I'm going to the Morgan Library. Right now, I'm listening to Obama's news conference. This Iran thing has me riveted.

How do you like the new look? I'll continue to tweak it, so it isn't quite as contrasty on the eyes.

Sun came out and I went running. Quality 2.25 mile hill workout. Very, very little walking. Probably the fastest I've run this route in six months or more.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you should give a day off for your legs. And I agree Sleep well and eat well! ; ) Just keep the fire burning! ; )