June 25, 2009

Sunshine at last!

My mind was all over the place today as I ran - a vortex of unrelated, disconnected thoughts. I had a hard time concentrating on the run at hand.

I rested yesterday. After my quality hills workout the day before, and given the gloomy rain/sun/rain pattern of the day, I decided to take my rest day mid-week.

So today, with the weather changing for the better and the humidity WAY down, I went out for what I intended to be two miles. At first, my legs were very unsteady and stiff, a result of having taking the day off yesterday. And my mind was playing the Doogie Howser M.D. theme song. As I came across some construction scaffolding on my flat warehouse-district route, I stopped a moment for pullups (13) and continued on. I was running shirtless and generally staying in the building shadows and by the time I hit the turnaround point for a two-mile run, I'd decided to stretch it out a little bit. My legs were beginning to feel fresher and my lungs were so much happier in the lower humidity. That little bit turned into an extra two miles. I just kept going 'til I reached my regular turnaround point on that route, where I leave 2nd Ave and turn down the path into Owl's Head Park. The run home was pretty good, too. Not to say that I didn't walk some, but my walk breaks were infrequent and short. I'm almost to the point of stringing whole miles together after I get warmed up.

My head, though, was bouncing all over the place, from wondering about the BFA program my department is putting together at FIT to the new construction there to the plotline of the current book I'm reading (which has been keeping me up late into the night) to how much I need to get my hands on a weed whacker and tame the jungle that is my back yard.

After my run, I check my blood sugars - a little high for having just burned 45 minutes - took some insulin and downed about 160g of carbs in cereal and chocolate milk. I need to augment my breakfast and lunches w/ more protein, I know; but I LIKE some carbs post-workout. Unfortunately, I'm going to hear it from the nutritionist after I send her my sheets tomorrow; I forgot to take my blood sugar reading after dinner last night and also forgot my evening shot of Lantus - which is probably why my blood sugars are so high today. Well, I'll get that under better control. Going to the Vectorworks meeting last night and downing two glasses of wine and a bunch of fruit could not have helped.

OK, I need to shower now - I am going to a performance tonight (choreographer I'll be lighting for later this summer) and then going to have a beer with a friend who's moving to Nashville end of the week. Why is it that just as I make some good friends, they all move?? :(

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