May 23, 2009

Saturday 10 miler

I woke up and immediately wondered if I could put off the run until tomorrow. My phone was out of juice and needed a couple hours charge and by that time, it'd be getting warm...

But said the temperature would remain in the low 70s today and tomorrow is expected to be rain rain rain. So after a couple hours of slowly getting ready, I headed out at noon. I finally crossed the "long run" line, prepping by taking Tylenol and Endurolyte, and having a cup of the magic tea.

At no time during this run did I feel great, but it wasn't too bad. Lots of walking, but I knew it would be like that. It was fairly warm out, with nice breezes, and I ran shirtless. I brought a bottle of Sustained Energy and was listening to Pheddipidations on my iPhone. The run took about two hours total, as I figured it might, so I'm not disappointed about that. I ran up to the park, did a normal loop (counter-clockwise), reaching the Tree of Turning, and retraced my steps.

While I enjoy following other runners in the park - particularly the MILFy ones with the jog-strollers - I more enjoy running against the normal flow, so I can see everybody. More entertaining that way. And boy did I need entertainment! My iPhone - my trusty, constant companion, died the death mid-way through mile 4. I hadn't even heard the whole Pheddipidations episode! Nothing I could do would get it to work.

I was glad to wrap up the run - I was exhausted. I spent a lot of time outside stretching carefully, then headed in. I plopped the iphone in the charging cradle and drew an icebath. Now...I had forgotten what a shock getting into that ice water can be! This was far worse than anything during the run. I couldn't stand it for more than three minutes, but at least I did it. I got out, popped an Advil, then took a regular shower, which just felt great. A nap was next.

By the time I got up, my iPhone was going through constant power-up and reboot cycles. iTunes no longer sees the phone. While I did get it to calm down and stop constantly rebooting, I have to leave it sleeping. I can use if for short periods of time, but then the "this accessory is not built for iPhone; would you like to turn on Airplane mode?" message comes up and a few seconds later the phone reboots. So, it's off to Apple SoHo tomorrow to get it fixed. Hopefully they'll just replace it; it's still within the AppleCare extended warranty.

Tomorrow: rain and REST. I excercised in one way or another every single day this last week. Yay for me, but tomorrow is a day off. I have other tasks to attend to anyway, and then a dinner party in the evening - hopefully the rain will be gone by then.

Tonight: sushi!

Also: sunburned.

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Michelle said...

Hey did you get to soho today for your Iphone??