May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

As noted in my last post, I got a little sunburned on Saturday's 10-miler. But I was glad I went out, because it rained off and on much of Sunday. I managed to dodge the drops, but my friend's BBQ ended up an indoor affair. It was kind of strange and I only stayed about three hours, but it was nice enough.

I rested Sunday; my legs weren't sore, but my joints are beginning to feel the addition of these miles. Monday, while everyone else was out barbecuing again (and the weather was much improved), I did a short 1.25 miles up to the gym, then lifted weights. As you can imagine, it was VERY crowded at the gym, requiring a lot of cooperation and good timing to use the machines I was after. I foam rolled, stretched, lifted, did chin-ups, pushups, & crunches. I didn't quite complete two circuits of the Express Line - I was getting very tired and hungry. The Express Line is great - targeting the major muscle groups, but it does skip over some muscle groups I consider important for a balanced workout. Finding those machines (or using free weights) is not a problem. On the free weights floor were some guys who obviously work out a LOT - quite intimidating. But I guess I'm working as hard as they.

This morning, I did my along-the-cemetery route I've been doing lately, but extended it a bit more for a full two miles, with the entire second half continuous, no walking. This is good. I'm pleased with the way I've been keeping up with the workouts, whether short or long, and balancing all that. Sure, it helps that I have TIME to do that right now, but what I'm also doing is building a base: this base is what my marathon training will rest upon and going into full marathon training with a good base is something I have previously lacked. It should make a difference. It is also a mental base, something the books don't talk about much, but is important. The more consistently you work out, the easier it is to get out there, especially for people like me, for whom the first two or three miles just consistently suck.

Finally, an obituary. My trusted friend and companion of the last 21 months, my 1st generation iPhone, is dead. He passed away this morning of massive circuit board failure after a brief, but debilitating, period of decline. Attempts to revive him resulted in only sporadic screen flashes, but no brain activity. A memorial service will be held in which I'll extract his SIM card, then chuck him into the East River, or perhaps send his corpse back to Apple in a flaming bag of poop. He is survived by his much tougher older brother, my 3rd generation Nano, and by his younger sister, my MacBook Pro.

I'm working on a replacement. I'm NOT paying $199 under the Out-of-warranty program for a new phone, especially since I can get a new 3G for that. (Apple says corrosion is the problem and that's not covered under AppleCare.) So I'm looking for someone who can sell me a 1st gen iPhone for cheap, as a scratch-n-dent, or perhaps get an ultra-cheapo from AT&T to tide me over 'til late July, when the 3rd generation of iPhones should be released.

I got an el cheapo phone at Radio Shack, one of those pre-pay dealies, only I don't have to pre-pay, since I could just put my old SIM card in the new phone. I will call AT&T to turn off the data plan, though. $20 isn't bad for a tide-me-over phone.

I may be switching gyms again. As in instructor at FIT, I can use their gym, which admittedly isn't near as nice as NYSC gyms are, but I'll be saving a boatload on gym fees. I'll have to try it out a couple of times first. I'm not sure how this will work in with my schedule - it means adding a 45-minute commute each way to go to the gym - tho once fall hits, I can just work out before my class. I need to go back there and really check it out, including shower facilities, which I didn't look at today.


Michelle said...

I am very sorry for your loss!!

I shall think of your 1st generation iPhone fondly!


Good job on your workouts!!! WOO!

Breathinstephen said...

Ive lost many friends the same way, but Im glad you were able to harvest his SIM card so that others can live.
RIP little iPhone.

Anonymous said...

It's John Burroughs.

Cris said...

And yet other sites attribute the quote to George Burns. I'll accept your attribution, though.