May 21, 2009

long, miserable day

This should have been a great day; a real out-of-the-park homer. Had a doctor's appointment, a run, and a refinance closing on the calendar. And while those things happened, it was not as I expected.

The doctor kept me waiting for half an hour. As usual, I saw him for two minutes. He wants me to see an ophthalmologist because of the diabetes; something my DIABETES DOCTOR has not yet mentioned. Then his nurse took blood, fine. He's checking for ureic acid levels and A1HC for the diabetes.

The nutritionist at Naomi Berrie once again emailed saying I should be on bolus insulin; but as yet I've received no instructions about GETTING ANY. No prescription, no communication from the diabetes doctor, nothing.

The run in Central Park was not a good one. Though I had plenty of energy and my legs felt good, I didn't get there until 1 and so it was pretty warm. Far warmer than I'd planned for. I ran shirtless, but didn't have any water - so I was walking a lot and a drinking from every fountain I could find. No more than 2.5 miles and it took 40 minutes. I thought I was doing OK, until I noticed I was passed for the third time by a woman WALKING.

After that I tried to rush downtown for the closing, but traffic and subways weren't having any of that! Oh, no. Doesn't matter that I was late, anyway, since the closer was, too. The closing took two and a half hours. My first closing only took 45 minutes or so - why should a refinancing take this long? There were errors that had to be corrected; the lawyer was dealing with THREE closings at once, the closer was a very slow-working man who seemed puzzled even by his calculator. And I'm sitting there, having signed everything I needed to sign in the first twenty minutes - and I notice that none of this is computerized. Sure, a lot of documents get transmitted via email, but that's it. What happened to the great shining future? We're still shuttling around 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14 pieces of paper! AND when filing, the fees aren't calculated per document, but PER PAGE. *headdesk*

The upshot is that my refi cost me about eight grand, but I'm saving more than 1.5 points. I'll be saving about $500 per month in the long run over what I paid before, so it'll take 16 months to recap the refi costs. On the other hand, there's at leats a grand in fees that Wells Fargo simply waived. And I so appreciate that, especially from a company who, six months ago, wasn't letting hardly ANYBODY refinance. Wells Fargo is good people, as much as any bank can be said to be good people.

You'd think I'd be happy and relieved and feeling great, but I'm not. I'm miserable and tense.

Finally, I had my cable turned off yesterday. Can't really afford it right now and the shows I was watching, I can get all of them on the next day.

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