November 12, 2008

leafy Greenwood Cemetary loop

Well, I got out for another run today, this time deciding to do a loop around Greenwood Cemetary, which is near my house. A section of this is part of my regular Prospect Park loop and I decided I would go around counter-clockwise, thus keeping the first uphill manageable and saving the steeper downhill for the last mile of the run.

It's a beautiful route this time of year, if you ignore the traffic. It turned out to be a really GOOD run for me; which is to say, consistent. Well...more consistent than usual.

You can see from the chart that while the run wasn't perfectly continuous, there was very little walking. Dips show points I was actually stopped, for whatever reason. Only one section shows where I did some walking halfway up the second major climb of the run, about 30 minutes in. I'm happy enough with this. I need a lot more running LIKE THIS.

After getting home, I put on jeans and immediately left to go back around the park - this time on my bike. My front end has some internal damage that has to be fixed before the bike is completely safe to drive again, so I took it to Brooklyn Harley. Halfway back to my house (walking), my alarm went off: it was time to call in to and join the Runners Roundtable. This week's chat was about the NYC Marathon and several of us were invited to join the call and weigh in with our opinions. Spiffy.

Thanks to my iPhone's mute button (and probably a little editing by Steve, this week's host), you won't hear my coughing in the recording. Probably a good thing. I was a little surprised as we were all hanging up after recording the episode that my cough was suddenly quite persistent. After all, I'd had a "good lungs" day so far, with minimal sputum production during my run and that was quite light in color. In fact, I'd been thinking of calling my doc and asking to do some PFTs in the next couple days just to more firmly establish my baseline.

But then toward the end of the call, and for about fifteen minutes after, my cough changed and so did what the cough produced: blood. :( Not a huge bout of hymoptosis, but enough to make me wonder what I did JUST SITTING THERE to cause a bleed. Is it this Energy Rush drink I've been drinking lately? I got a bunch of samples at the expo - you pour some powder into a bottle of water and there you go. Lots of vitamins. Too much?

Oh, and by the way, in our expo goodie bags was a pack of Emerald Nuts cocoa-roasted almonds. These are GREAT. Will have to buy more of these.

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Steve said...

WOW Cris, saw you on the CBS news.
Congrats again your marathon finish!