November 19, 2008

CBS story on Cystic Fibrosis


joe sleeper said...

Thanks for posting this Cris! It wasn't on the show I recorded.

I like the second video a lot - the importance of exercise and how much better it makes me feel is huge.

Bonnie Southcott said...

Hi Chris. I am an interactive producer for and would like to speak with you about the possibility of being featured on our site in some capacity. Could you e-mail or call me at your earliest convenience? Thank you!

(360) 676-9275 ext.123

Anonymous said...

You rock our world!
Mom and Dad

Danny said...

Cris, that's amazing! I feel like "hey, I know that guy on TV!!"

Congrats on finishing again, and even though I knew most of your story already, it was pretty cool to see it on "TV".

Kimberly said...

hey, saw the footage on the CBS website. I've always been impressed by your sheer will to endure without bitching. You've surpassed almost every estimation of your abilities, including your own. Great work


Michelle J said...


I don't have the words, but i am completely inspired by you dude!!

Keep up the good work!

You ROCK Chris!!!