November 11, 2008

leafy fall run

This Sunday, I had an unexpected reprieve from my rehearsal schedule and was able to put in a pass at my 6.7 mile Prospect Park loop. It was a beautiful day for it and the amount of brightly-colored fall leaves on the ground made it an interesting run, especially when I was forced out into the street. A precursor to winter snowbanks perhaps?

It started out easier than the run two days earlier, but was still pretty hard to get going. I had a lot of pain throughout the run, but most especially through the fourth mile. I'm experiencing tendon soreness in my right foot and leg. Perhaps it is related to twisting my knee in the marathon, or just breaking in the new orthotics. I don't know. Tomorrow, I'll put in my regular Wednesday run and see how it goes.

By the time I was running across the top of the park and then home, I was doing much better.

I need to take a close look at the next few races, especially when the Manhattan half will be, and get geared up for that. I hate to think that I'm going to lose my long-distance fitness, but if I'm going to turn my training around and concentrate on consistency and speed and perhaps try to break my half-marathon PR this year, I need to get a real schedule put together, including cross-training and weights.

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