May 31, 2008

a relaxed, easy run

My goal for this weekend's planned 8-miler is a relaxed, easy run. Probably galloway-style, with scheduled short walk breaks every mile for the outbound half and every 1.5 miles for the homeward half.

Was going to do that today, but... summer arrived officially last weekend and it is now 79 degrees and 81 percent humidity outside - my "no go" mark, especially unacclimated to it. And, of course, it has just begun raining cats and dogs. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier, lower humidity, so a more pleasant run all around.

I did go running last Thursday and that was the only run all week, I'm ashamed to say. Things just didn't work out well, with two completely unreasonable deadlines at work to meet. And my new running partners weren't with me Thursday, both of them out on job calls. Still, we discussed moving the Wednesday run to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We'll see.

My run Thursday was quite good, actually; taken relaxed and easy. :) I walked about every 3/4 mi, mostly forced into it because of coughing. I did 4.5 miles, from work to City Hall. I was dismayed to arrive at my usual end-point and find that they have removed the giant red steel sculpture! :( How am I supposed to end that run if there's no sculpture to touch? And if the sculpture isn't there now, did it ever exist?

Here's a picture:

Jumping forward in time, I need to get my battery in my footpod replaced before tomorrow's run and I am doing Wednesday mornings 5-miler in Central Park. the 50th anniversary run! 5:30 a.m! 5-miles! Limited to...5,000 participants! See a theme?

I'm not sure how I feel about this story: Olympics Push Chinese Kids to the Max.

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Anonymous said...

So where did the sculpture go? Where are you going to end? You could be running forever! What was the red sculpture anyway?