June 12, 2008

another catching up post

Geez, I had to read my own blog just so I could remember where I'm at. I've got almost two weeks to catch up on.

So the 8-miler turned into 7. The weather was OK, but not great and I just didn't have a lot of energy.

Did get two runs in last week, Tuesday and Thursday, both of them after work with L. When he's not out on a job, he's a good running partner. Tuesday's run took me up to NYRR to pick up my bib for Wednesday morning's free 5-miler...

Come Wednesday morning, though, it was pouring. So I didn't go.

Fast forward to this last weekend and my "long" run was only 4 miles. Again the heat. As you may recall, though, this weekend, along with Monday and Tuesday, was our first official heat wave of summer, with four days of highs bordering on 100 degrees. Though it took all the run out of me, I was not as beat down by the heat while walking around as I thought I'd be. I was handling it fairly well.

And I didn't run at all this week until tonight. Work is busy and Monday and Tuesday after-work runs just weren't an option. Wednesday didn't pan out either. but I made sure to get in 3 miles tonight, going up to NYRR to pick up my bib for this Sunday's 5-miler. The run, surprisingly, went well. My legs felt like lead for about half a mile, and then I didn't feel them at all. My lungs were doing well and I only walked once due to coughing. Well, OK, twice, but the first time was less than ten steps of walking on Cat Hill. I finished strong and feeling like a real runner for the first time in weeks.

Depending how the weather is tomorrow, I may do 4.5 miles after work down to City Hall or may even extend that run over the Brooklyn Bridge for a full 10K.

I'd really like to turn in 10 minute miles on Sunday. I'm planning 4 miles of warmup, then do the race, so I may be pretty tired by the last few miles; but I hope to get all the walking out of the way during the warmup and have a great 5 mile race.

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