September 20, 2007

I am in the groove

Great run tonight, really great. 7.5 miles by gmaps pedometer. Left work at 6:10 and started jogging home. Took the first half mile to calibrate my Nike Plus foot sensor and then set the iPod to tick off 7 more miles. Down to Chambers, across to the Brooklyn Bridge, over the bridge, across to Flatbush, and just passed Atlantic-Pacific when the iPod announced my seven miles were done. I continued at a slower pace down to Union street and caught the subway. So by the iPod, I ran a total of 7.93 miles; gmaps disagrees. Whatever. A solid 7.5 is fine. I'll extend it to 8.5 next week or even run all the way home. That might be too much too soon, though.

The whole trip was fairly steady, with less walking than usual and steadily increasing pace. No problems in the legs or knees. Coughing plenty, but not real productive, though I think I slimed some cars while I was on the bridge.

It was a little warm today and the air quality was definitely not good, but nevertheless, with a head cold, Dayquil, Tylenol, and albuterol in me, I had a good run. I'll give this one 4 apples!

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