September 27, 2007

I am exhausted!

Well, I just finished a 9.5 mile run. It has been a goal of mine for some time to run from work to home and I did it tonight.

It wasn't easy. After a shortened run on Sunday of a mere 4 miles (because I felt like shit), I figured I'd put in my regular Wednesday run. But when it came the end of the work day yesterday, I was just too tired. I'd had a client meeting and had not eaten or slept well the night before and I was exhausted, not up to 3 miles, much less 9.5.

I wasn't ready for 9.5 today, either, but I did it. My mind wasn't ready for it and my body most certainly wasn't ready. The first three miles were brutal, with a ton of walking and coughing. My cough has become very rough lately, and though it is productive, I don't bring as much up per coughing fit as before. I attribute this to a change in the hypertonic saline I'm using. I also had to stop the ipod at one point and so had to record this as two runs.

Anyway, I just couldn't get loosened up and I was in pain all the way to Chambers street. Finally the Tylenol I'd taken before leaving work started to kick in and my muscles warmed up and the run smoothed out some. Still a lot of stop and go, especially with traffic and stupid, stupid pedestrians, each of whom thinks the world revolves around him or her.

If the anti-smoking laws were to be amped up in the near future, such that all public smoking were banned - no more smoking on the streets or sidewalks or in parks - you would not hear me complain. If the legislation further allowed citizens to apply tazeification to the genitalia of whomsoever decides to flaunt said anti-public-space-smoking law, I would be supportive and appreciative. I would exercise my new rights as a citizen and help re-educate the slower, dumber, &/or more arrogant of our citizenry in the ways of how to be a good citizen.

Yes, particularly the shutterbugs - those lovely, mindless creatures who think nothing of stepping out in front of bicycles, runners, pedestrians, and even other photogs - yes, these people particularly seem to lack any awareness of the rest of the world and so deserve some genital tazering.

Now, kids are stupid, too. Riding their bikes in circles on the sidewalk, not watching who they're about to crash in to... but I can't really blame them as much, because I was a stupid kid, too. But I GREW UP and figured out that I wasn't the only person on earth who mattered and that I should at least step aside if someone else needs to, say, actually use the sidewalk. Sadly, a lot of people, though of legal drinking age, have not yet grown up.

Oh, and the fat ones.... the wide loads that manage, through their sheer mass and zig-zagging path of travel, to block the entire sidewalk on their own - well, one tazer isn't going to be enough. I'm thinking three: one for the junk and one for each nipple.

Oh, god, I'm getting off topic. I got the run done. That's all. It wasn't great, it wasn't smooth, it wasn't as good as last week, but it got done. The ipod says I did 9.8 miles; gmaps says 9.25. We'll just say 9.5.

After struggling with my keys, I got inside and went for the ice bath. OK, I didn't have any ice, but I filled the tub with cold water while I was stretching and hopped in. HOH HMY HGOD H H H!!! After ten minutes of THAT torture, I took a hot shower and now I'm doing therapy and I'm rewarding myself with POM as a recovery drink. After my therapy is done, I'm off to bed.

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runliarun said...

You are so entertaining when you are pissed off. Did I say that already? Well, at least you did your run.