September 19, 2007

I am having a head cold

Oy. What a head cold. Didn't run today; will run tomorrow. It wasn't the cold, it was the production meeting. So...I'll run home from work tomorrow - almost all the way home. 7.5 miles on the schedule!

I will be taking my new nano, my new sensor and receiver I bought yesterday (on the theory my old receiver is damaged), and my new armband to hold it all. I got the armband thinking it wasn't going to work with the Nike+ receiver because it looked like the flap that holds the nano in the armband pouch would cross the port - and it does. But oh those clever Apple folk designed the flap long enough in the back to go around the plugged in receiver and to a second bit of velcro. The pouch completely encloses the nano - rather tightly. The protection over the fingerwheel makes it a bit harder to accidently change the volume or whatnot, but may also make it harder to navigate the Nike Plus menu, too. the molded-in center button cover will make it easy to get to your power song, tho. YES, Nike+ works on the new Nano, Chelly, it's just that MINE wasn't. I'm hoping the new receiver fixes my dropped signal problems.

I don't know. We'll see how the run goes. I have Pheddipidations #102 (Run Walking) cued up for tomorrow's run. As this is how I complete my first three miles every time, I'm very interested in hearing what Steve Runner has to say on this topic.

On last Wednesday's run, I listened to his podcast on Repulsively Running, where he talks about sweating, body odor, runner's nipples, peeing, and pooping. I feel he missed the mark on truly repulsive running. He should have covered mouth boogers, bloody toenails, and phlegm, too.

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