September 12, 2007

I am Cris Runner

I did not want to do today's run. By 5:30, work had worn me down and I was tired and cranky, even given the perfect weather outside. But a run was called for and I was leaving work early to do it, so out I went. I even asked the owner if he was coming with and he said maybe next week. We're both joking, of course - well he was. I would like to see him get some exercise. There's a couple people at work whom I ask once a week or so if they'd like to join me and nobody ever has. But I can be persistent without being a pest and maybe I'll get a running partner one of these days.

Well, let me just say that from now on, unless I note otherwise, you the reader can just assume that the first three miles sucked, that I walked a fair amount during that time, and that I was coughing up rivers of gunk. OK? I've come to realize that my running doesn't really begin - can't begin - until those three miles are over. It takes that long to warm up and clear the shit out of my lungs enough to actually run. As far as CF goes, and thus as far as I'm concerned, those three miles are the most important.

That said, the first three miles didn't suck so much today. My legs felt OK the whole time, but I did have a lot of walking and coughing, bringing up quite a bit of phlegm. The weather was perfect and I was really enjoying being out. In fact, I ran the newer part of the west side path, where I hadn't run before (I stick to the bicycle path mostly) and was pleasantly surprised at how well it's been done. And I found water fountains!! This is important, because apparently if I leave my Gatorade in the props shop for any length of time, half of it disappears.

So I ran. And ran. And ran some more. I got down to that silly red sculpture at City Hall park again, took a swig of nearly the last of my fluid, and tackled the Brooklyn Bridge. Really, it's much easier going up on legs than on a bike. Still, I had to walk about 50 yards going up - but the rest of it was all running. It's not the bridge that's the problem - it's the approaches. These long, narrow barricaded in concrete paths leading to and from are longer than the bridge! But the boardwalk part of the bridge is very nice to run on and feels good beneath the feet.

So I ended my run on the far side, by finishing up at the Court street station of the R, for a total distance of (drum roll please).... 6.2 miles! Not too shabby, considering I haven't done that distance in months. I ran from one borough to another, and that makes me feel like a real runner again. It's a perfect 10K from work to Court St station - and that makes me feel like a runner. More important, I broke the 6-mile barrier, which is where a "long run" label begins to apply. And THAT makes me feel like a runner!

I ran for about 70 minutes because I listened to Steve Runners 100th Phedippidations podcast and it was 66 minutes and I listened to the opening stuff twice. What Steve talked about was "thoughts." I think he let out a lot of things he hasn't been able to fit in elsewhere, but one thing struck a chord with me: He talked about how he came by the Steve Runner, as opposed to his real name, Steve Walker. Then he talked about how all the listeners out there are Runners and he likes the idea he can hop a plane and go run with Doug Runner on the west coast, or Chelsea Runner in canada, or Tim Runner across the pond. You get the idea. I got the idea.

And for the first time in a long time, today, I felt like a runner. I am Cris Runner.

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