September 15, 2007

I am taking it easy today

I know, I should be outside right now, finishing up a long run. Not gonna happen today. For one thing, I was inordinately tired yesterday after finishing up a very full week at work. For another, the gall bladder is acting up again.

This started about mid-day yesterday, a low-grade, upper-right quadrant pain. Recognizable, but not severe. After work, it got more and more severe as the night went on. It settled down somewhat about 11, allowing me to get an hour's sleep, but then I was up again until two. It is interesting to note that I was so tired that except for waking at 8 a.m. for a pee and some water, I didn't come to consciousness again 'til 1 p.m.

When I did, though, I had a thought I should have had earlier this week: I'll go grocery shopping at Ft Hamilton today - I need some items there nobody else has. So is that how foggy my brain is during the work week that I can't even think of the right solution to "I'm running out of Jell-O brand chocolate fudge instant pudding"?

I will take it easy today. If I am not feeling better by this evening, then I'll call my primary care physician Monday and get an appointment. Or, if things just get worse, I'll go to the hospital. (This, actually, makes me pause. If I lived in a small town, I'd have little choice about WHICH hospital. But in this town, I have a dozen choices or more.)

In the meantime, I hope to run Sunday and at some time this weekend give my bike the thorough washing and detailing it still needs. I don't yet have a replacement switch for the ignition (stupid, I know, not to have it by this time), so I won't be going anywhere yet. But I have to get that wrapped up and my bike working again - I have an invitation to go to Vermont next weekend and see the foliage.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed this gall bladder attack goes away soon, so I can get on with the gettin' on.

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Brittney said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you!! Not that I know you, but I ran across your blog via Steve's and it seems you love running as much as I do. :)