September 10, 2007

I am looking to the near future

So I got an interesting email from NYRR, announcing that for the first time, they'll allow 1500 New Yorkers to participate in the International Friendship Run. This is a short run the day before the marathon that starts at the United Nations and goes to Central Park. The runners have always been all (or most) of the overseas participants of the marathon. A more Olympic spirit of harmony and brotherhood has not been witnessed on Big Apple ground since that one guy did that one thing back in '92.

Last year, I helped marshall this race. It was very cool meeting many international folk and a lot of them show up in the traditional costumes of their countries.

So imagine the excitement at being able to run WITH THEM this year! I could not hit the "Sign me up nownownownowNOW" button fast enough. Sure, it's only a couple of miles, but that's not the point - keeping my world-view expanded beyond the very short NY horizon IS.

While I was at it, I signed up for the Fifth Ave Mile (I'll be curious to see if I can break my 7:32 PR with no actual prep) and the Staten Island Half. See? I told you I'd go do it, even if I have to walk half of it. I'm laughing as I write this because I'm in a very "don't care, not gonna ruin my knees in training" zone. A half-marathon? Do-able, but only if I take it easy, I think.

I'd have signed up for Grete's Gallop, too, but I have a work conflict that morning. :( I really enjoyed the Gallop last year. In fact, this year's calendar is much like last year's, only I won't be running so many events - last year I ran three or four half-marathons or more in consecutive weekends - I was really doing well and... yeah, Beast, you were right. I probably should've taken my 18-miler and considered it enough and gone and done the marathon. Still, I'll run NY when I'm good and ready and there's plenty of races and miles to keep me healthy in the meantime.

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