August 1, 2007

Vermont Run

Middlebury. Ottawa was great, but Vermont is GREAT. Really very pretty up here.

I met Scott this morning for a run at 6:30. This morning's run was short - about two and a half miles - but took Scott and I over much of the streets of Middlebury, including a few good hills. Not too much coughing and walking - minimal even. Felt pretty good right from the outset, and running the hills was a good workout. Scott continued on at 7 a.m., while I went back to the hotel to start therapy, as we wanted to be on the road by nine and therapy, shower, breakfast, and packing the bike takes right at two hours. The houses and buildings are pretty nice, here. It's not Greenwich, CT, or anything, but they tend to renovate older buildings well and build new ones with an eye toward blending in, instead of sticking out and being an eyesore. Of course, I've really only seen the town center, so it's probably the best part of town anyway. Scott and I are planning on getting out earlier tomorrow morning or Friday morning so we can get a full five miles in.


runliarun said...

Before we moved to New Mexico we took a trip to Vermont to load up on the green. Pretty, as you said. I do not miss it though.

Tom said...

Am enjoying your journey. Keep up the great posting.