July 30, 2007

Erie Canal runhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Syracuse. Still on the road, though now with a different group of riders (lrlr.org). We stayed last night at the Red Mill Inn, right on the Erie Canal.

Up early this morning, at 6, and went running with Scott Miller, a guy from Vancouver who is one of the chase car drivers. Apparently, he started running since last year and even did the Vancouver half-marathon! I am impressed with his sub 2-hr time. We had a good run this morning, if a bit short. Just a hair under 5K, so I figure it was exactly three miles. It was a pretty route, though not picture worthy, really - lots of corn and people's houses. But the weather is beautiful: clear, cool (almost), and calm. Scott got an intro to my "walking and coughing" and I hope to run farther with him on successive runs. I felt the usual easing up toward the end of the run in the legs and body and believe that Scott was also just getting warmed up, too.

Off to Ottawa today.

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runliarun said...

Short runs are great.