August 6, 2007

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program

Woof. Talk about the dog days of August... 5:45 a.m. this morning, 75 degrees, 78% humidity. I finally put in my air conditioner last night just to take some humidity out of the air in my apartment and walking out this morning was like walking into a hot, sweaty, fat person. And then trying to BREATHE them.

My body, too, was not happy with running, after so many days and miles on the road - I got off the bike yesterday for that last time, having arrived home at 11:30 a.m. after doing almost 300 miles in the morning... I was stiff, sore, tired, exhausted, and just generally run down. I had a lot to do in starting to unpack, get some groceries, sort the junk mail out (I've STILL got a 13 inch high pile of mail to work through!), etc etc etc.

So it may not surprise you to hear that my plans for a 3.4 mile run this morning rapidly turned into 2 miles of coughing and walking. I'll try again tomorrow.

My thoughts on the run turned to the upcoming Marathon. In a normal training cycle, I'd be in shape enough to run a half-marathon, like last year at this point. I'm nowhere near that right now and have less than three months to train. I have decided that IF training goes well - smooth and steady - and IF I can get in at least one 18 mile long run, then I'll do the marathon, even if I have to walk parts of it. But I can also see me turning to some other runner who put in less than three months of training and asking them, "are you stupid?" So if training goes badly or gets interrupted too long (think gallbladder surgery), then I won't risk injury by pushing an untrained unready body for 26.2 miles. Yes, it would be the third marathon I've ducked out of; but can I tell you how badly fucking scheduled NY Marathon really is? If were a January marathon, I'd be much happier.

Still, Team Boomer compels me...

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runliarun said...

Walking into a hot, fat, sweaty person? That says it all.

Not to mention running through them, aargh...