August 15, 2007

back to bicycling

Dinner tonight cost me a grand total of $1.39. The liver was .99 and I guesstimate the cost of rice at .40. I am ecstatic. I wish I could eat this cheaply always.

I've pedaled to work the last two days. 9.5 miles there, 9.5 back. My legs definitely got a cross-training workout or two, as well as my lungs getting some deep breathing too. It isn't running, but it's better than nothing.

And nothing is what's happening elsewise. Having been out of town for five weeks, things got a little behind at work. I really expected more progress to have been made in my absence, but only a little bit got done on the most important client's stuff. So... I've been pedaling like hell ever since I got back, figuratively. Ten hour days and the like. Tack on the time it takes to commute, cook, eat, and do therapy and there's only six hours for sleep and nothing left for running.

It's a puzzle.

Hopefully, the latest round of proposal sketches will meet with some approval and things can go forth and I can come to work an hour later or leave an hour early all next week - this would let me get my runs in. In the meantime, the bicycle commute - an hour each way - seems like a great way to keep the legs working, keep the lungs working, etc. Still, I had to ice above my knees when I got home today. Too much, too soon? Probably. :)

I had a good long run last weekend and will shoot for a seven-mile run this weekend, though I will be travelling again and have NO idea when I'll get this done.

Now, if y'all are interested in the pics from my trip to Alaska, they are here.


joe sleeper said...

Thanks for the pics... Looked like an awesome trip!

I used to bike when I was a teenager. I tried biking to work a few months ago, but a near death experience stopped me from keeping on that. Now my cardio is all gym machines. At least it's air conditioned (a must for a southerner ;) )

Stephen said...

Hey, those are great pictures!
You've sure been covering a lot of territory this year.

Sorry, I haven't checked in a for while, but summer is always a crazy time for me.

runliarun said...

Dinner at $1.39? Are you sure you are back in New York?