August 12, 2007

Six miles in Sag Harbor! Or was it?

I had an invitation to go out to the Hamptons Saturday for a party, so I got on the bus and went. It was great hanging out there and I brought running clothes, too. I brought my watch with the shoepod so I could gauge distance. According to my watch, I did six miles, running from my hosts house on Sag Harbor into the town itself and back.

Unfortunately, gmaps pedometer is telling me it was over a mile less than that. I'm really not sure which is right. I ran for an hour and twelve minutes, for an 12 minute pace, which with the amount of walking and coughing I did, sounds about right. 4.8 miles would mean it was a 15-minute-per-mile pace, even.... But I've done that pace before and it was ALL walking (that gotdam Manhattan Half from 2006, remember?). And though my watch has been off before, it's never been off by 20%, only 5 or 6 percent, max. So...this is the first time I'm trusting my watch over gmaps, which disturbs me a little bit.

Muscles were sore today, particularly my calves. The bus ride home, they were threatening to cramp up the whole time and I have been stretching them as I could today. Hopefully I get in 3.4 tomorrow morning before work.

Oh, and though I didn't have a camera with me, it was a beautiful place to run, believe me. I'd do it again in a moment.

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