May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Bermuda run

I mentioned in the last post how I wouldn't have time to run this weekend, but I did manage to get in a 3-mile-ish (maybe 3.5) after a good rainstorm that swept through shortly after I got to the hotel.

I'm in Bermuda for the first time in my life. The flight here was pleasant - the plane was a nearly empty 737 - and was only two hours. The storm came up and lasted a while, but I got outside around six o'clock and started out along Front street. From what I saw on the taxi drive over and on my run, this island is really clean. In fact, a banner over Front Street announces that May is cleaning up month. Getting ready for the tourist season, i suppose, though if the tourists are smart, they'll get here now. Services are not overburdened and the weather is in the 70's, even if they have humidity to match.

The run itself was a major improvement over my last several runs. Maybe it's the change of venue, the cleaner air, the change of scenery, or just that my legs wanted to be moving after three days of flights and teaching, but I really felt pretty good. Even my lungs cooperated to a good degree and my walk breaks were few and ultra-short - and those were due to my low level of conditioning right now and the fact that this island has very few flat spots. It's really all hills around here.

The building are quaint, but built to last. All the roofs are painted white and moulded with ridges. One of the ridges, sort of camouflaged in, is like a berm or snow-dam that channels the rainwater into pipes that lead into underground cisterns.

Part of the reason the run felt good, I'm convinced, are these new Adrenaline 7's. This MoGo stuff may be more than just marketing bullshit. These shoes feel fantastic!

I'm staying in the Hamilton Princess Fairmont hotel. Nice place! I spent way too much on dinner downstairs, but the food was first rate and there really wasn't another choice - I have yet to see a fast food restaurant or even many restaurants at all. And certainly nothing open on a Sunday. Anyway, here's the view from my room. The colors aren't nearly what they really are. The sea is so blue here.

Finally, it was Mother's Day. As it happens, as I was leaving the restaurant, I invited a group of women to sit at my table, since I was leaving and the place had gotten crowded. We chatted while I waited for my check and it turns out one of them is the sister of a woman who works where I'll be teaching for the next three days. Small world, huh? Anyway, here's the card I sent my mom. Kinda corny, but she liked it.


DebbieJRT said...

How'd you get the bunny to do that?!?

Neese said...

Sounds lovely in Bermuda!!

runliarun said...

How cool!