May 9, 2007

And with the flick of a switch....

it is suddenly summer. Up 'til three days ago, it was spring, just barely out of winter. Hey, we had frost warnings north of the city two mornings ago.

But today, it hit 81 degrees. I, of course, didn't run in the morning, nor did I wait until sunset when things would be cooler. No, I ran right after work - didn't even go home first - right at 5, when it was still hot and humid.

This run was definitely in two acts. I only went three miles along the West Side Highway, but it was a challenge. Yes, there was walking, yes, there was coughing. A lot of coughing. The first mile and a half was terrible, but at least my legs were a little better. I am incredibly tight these days, and I'm working on loosening up again, but it was a struggle today.

Coming back, though, I found myself going half a mile at a stretch without too much discomfort. I was drinking a lot of fluid, though, and sweating like a turkey the day before Thanksgiving, so maybe it's wise I didn't (couldn't) overdo it. Still, the heat felt like an excuse for the walking, rather than a cause.

Wound up the run in pretty good shape and I think it won't take too long to acclimate to the hotter days, but I'd still rather run in the cool of the morning.

Finally, I wore my new Adrenaline 7s for the first time. They are really a nice shoe! My feet feel cushioned and controlled, but not constricted. The shoes have a little rebound to them and I don't think there will be a long break-in at all. Hopefully, this pair will last for a while - I like them a lot.

Going to shoot for four miles Friday morning - won't have time to run at all this weekend.

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