August 30, 2006

just some thoughts

I've appreciated the response to my post about the NYC Half Marathon. Some people disagree with me and I expected that. My feelings about the course are based only on my limited experience with NYRR races - I've simply come to expect better organization from them. Had this been anywhere else, I'm sure I wouldn't have thought twice about it. I DID remember one more gripe about the music: where was the New York, New York theme?? They crank that tune at the start of at least half their races but didn't play at THE NYC Half-Marathon? Or did I just miss it?

I've added a couple new blogs to my Bloglines. (I'll eventually get around to adding my subscribed blogs in my sidebar, but that's not high-priority.) Lia's blog, From Mile to Marathon, currently chronicles her efforts toward her first half-marathon, being run this September 3rd. Go Lia! Everybody drop by her blog and give her a shout out for luck. Looking forward to her race report.

Incessant Ramblings is a more general-life blog from a new runner, but has plenty of entries about her climb toward her first -yes VERY FIRST - road race, a 5K this upcoming weekend. Then, next weekend, she'll be tackling a 4-miler in Central Park. I'll be out there cheering you on!

The weather here has been grey and rainy, drizzly crap and does not feed into any motivation to run. We're supposed to get a one-day break from the crap tonight and tomorrow, so I hope to get out for that five-miler I didn't run yesterday.


Yvonne said...

don't u enjoy running in this weather just a bit, after all the heat and nastiness?

i'll be checking out those blogs, thx.

Morrissey said...

im sure i stated it on my post, but here's one complaint. Near the start, there were NO port-a-potties....or did i just missed it? I was gonna go 10 minutes before, but then it was already crowded and i didn't want to lose my spot. Is it me or did the first water station started at the 3 mile mark?

btw- brightroom pics are always a hit and miss! fortunately yours came out great-

Brooklyn said...

Yeah, Moz, pots were a problem for the faster runners. They were all up on the bridal path north of engineer's gate. We at the back of the pack got to bask in the wonderful smell for a minimum of 30 minutes...

And you're right, the first water station was three miles in - right at the 5K point, I think.