August 31, 2006

I am almost photogenic

Finally! Some not-half-bad pics of me running where I don't look a) like a complete retard, b) like a sweaty corpse, c) like I'm in pain, or d) like I'm walking. Or like a sweaty, retarded member of the undead who's walking because he's in pain.

These are from Sunday's half-marathon. I really like the third one; I actually look like I'm enjoying myself.

The following is a photo of a woman I have started to say hi to. I see her at every single race and have run into her in the park on mid-week runs. I don't know her name, but I'll learn it next time maybe. Older racers are rare enough, and African-American racers even more so. She's a walker, but damn fast one. Much props.

In related news, the Boomer Esiason Foundation has started Team Boomer, a US Track & Field-registered athletic team. They are hoping to attract a number of area runners to join the team and, at the very least, run the NY Marathon with their shirt on. I am a little divided on this, for personal reasons, but with one very obvious and public one: you can barely read the "cystic fibrosis" part of the shirt, while the "BOOMER" part of the shirt is painfully loud and clear. If I'm running for CF, the shirt I'm wearing had damn well be clearly spelling out what it's for. Well, I've passed along my thoughts on the matter. No worries: I'm running the NY Marathon with or without affiliation. The Cystic Fibrosis Running Team is already an entity and I'm signed up under that team with NYRR for every race I run.


Steve said...

Is that a smile I see on your face?

Nice Pics!

Lora said...

I like you in all three photographs. And I agree about the Boomer tee, not enough emphasis on CF.

*jeanne* said...

You look great!

I wish I'd run races when I lived in NYC. I just never even thought about it. Sometimes I saw the cones out for events...but never really knew what was going on.

All I knew about was NYCM - and I KNEW I could never do THAT!!!

runliarun said...

Not only do you look as if you are enjoying yourself, but the third photograph is altogether a great shot, poignant and evocative. as if you are engaged in something big...