September 7, 2006

I am feeling resigned

Well, the gout is back. Isn't that peachy? Lucky for me, it didn't hit til about midday today.

Yesterday, saw Dr. Maharam about my knee and leg pains. He was unhappy about the state of my orthotics and diagnosed runners' knee again. He put some more foam underneath the orthotics and for the rest of the day I felt like I was walking around on balls or something. The alignment is better, but adjusting to it means aches and pains.

In an effort to accelerate adjusting to re-vamped orthotics, I went for a jog this morning. Lying awake at quarter to five ante-meridian, I reflected that my bed was nice and cozy and I really didn't want to get up; that I could just put off my run until this evening, as I'd have plenty of time after work, etc. But then the alarm went off and I prodded myself out of bed to "at least run three miles." Three turned into five, on my flat out-and-back route, and I took my Nike thing to record it.

Rough run; really rough. It wasn't so much the running that was the problem, so much as the weird pains from adjusting to the orthotics and all the dry (and not so dry) heaves all along the route. I could RUN at slightly better than 10 minute pace this morning. But after "heaving-to" several times (and outright puking once), my average pace came to 11:11 per mile. Crap. This is not the way to train for a marathon, but I have to believe it will all pay off.

Still, I really somehow enjoyed this run. Perhaps it was just because for the first time in two weeks, the morning was sunny with a promise of a whole day of sunshine. Just what I need to recharge my motivational batteries!

So then, of course, the gout picks today to start up again. Not bad timing actually, since my next run is Saturday morning - it's quite possible the gout will be done by then. Of course, if it isn't.... then I have a painful 16 miles in my future. And that will REALLY test my resolve!


Anita said...

If I think so much as for a minute this week that I have something to complain about when I'm training I'm gonna jump right back here and re-read about your miserable run, dry-heaves and all. You're amazing for still going out there and taking it on. I raise my can of Diet Coke in your honor with wishes for a speedy recovery!

Lora said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the gout skedaddles on outta here.
Damn disease--it's one of them that I hate.

I cant believe how close all the marathons are already....sooo exciting! And I believe you're going to do FINE!!