March 22, 2006

Athelte one, defenseless chicken zip.

I just wolfed down an entire 4-piece KFC meal, including the biscuit*, in just under 15 minutes. Now I'm on to a bottle of Recoverite and a half bag of jelly beans. I am HONGRY.

How do you stave off an attack of the gout? You choose the bike over walking to the subway. Believe me, jamming ones toes into clips over and over again is actually better than walking, when the gout is coming on.

A little under four hours riding, total, today. Didn't have the speed I've had in the past, partly due to headwinds going to work and underinflated tires coming home, but mostly I'm not in the same shape as I was. Got about 27 miles in today, maybe 28, as my route to work took me across the park to the east side to pick up some Advair first, then back across the park. Arrived at work two hours after I left home, heavier by two Advair packs.

Left work heavier by about three pounds of salt water. Can you believe I have to have a prescription for salt water??? Well, I'm going to be breathing it in via nebulizer, so this is very official salt water. I am two types: 3% and 10% and am supposed to mix to 7%. You do the algebra. Me, I'll settle for 6.5%. I have a feeling that might be too irritating to the lungs and I'll be cutting back within a week to 3% and building up from there.

Oh, the saline is supposed to help mucous move up and out. We'll see. Aside from asthma issues, I'm feeling pretty good lately. Coughed up some stuff while on the bike, but not much.

The hills damn near killed me. Still didn't make me stop, though, just had to pedal very slowly in the lowest gear for a lot of the hills. I've got to get a better bike, one that's not working against me. I've also got to remember to sip from my sports bottle more often. My piss was, like, R12 yellow when I got home.

don't know if I'll run tomorrow; depends how my legs feel. They feel like rubber right now, so we'll see.

* KFC biscuits. I mean, what's the point? Really. Who eats these things, normally? Bland, tasteless, doughy; they seem to exist only to round out the four food groups in a KFC meal. Gimme Popeye's biscuits ANYTIME.

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Jason said...

Should I admit that I really like the biscuit? Is that wrong of me?

(I mean, it's nothing compared to the mashed potatoes, but still...)