March 23, 2006

Indomethacin Haze

I swear to God, if I knew who to talk to, I'd invest in a black market to street Indie. This shit is awesome.

So the bicycling, while being a great workout for my legs and lungs, only staved off the gout attack. I went to bed before 11 last night and about 12:45 was awoken when the pain of my gout got much worse. The whole area is swollen and tender and is just what gout is. So I tracked down my Indomethacin and in my sleep-induced fogginess, was very careful to distinguish between it and my Azithromycin - the names are too similar and the bottles are identical. Not that it would've mattered getting the Zithro doese 12 hours early, but I really needed the Indie pain killer. It took awhile to kick in and I finally got some relief about 2 a.m.

By the time I left for work this morning, I needed another dose. (I can stand a lot of pain without resorting to anything stronger than ibuprofen, but not a full gout attack. It pays to be able to walk, you know? Besides, I think Indie also helps clear out the urea crystals that are the cause of the problem.) It struck me that my medicine cabinet is getting rather full these days, so I counted it up: I'm on 9 current prescription drugs. In another couple of weeks, when I go back on TOBI, I'll be up to 10. Had this been a week ago, I'd be looking at 12. Geez. I'm becoming one of THOSE people. Makes me wonder what would happen if I stopped everything cold turkey for a week.

So now I'm at work, doing what I do through quite a pleasant indomethacin haze. The pain isn't gone, it's just more remote and doesn't bother me as much. Of course, nothing is bothering me as much at the moment. I hope this gout is done by the time I go to Charleston tomorrow; I'd like to get a run in while down there in the warm air.


Steve said...

My....aren't we in a lyrical mood.

It was just a minor setback .I'm gonna try to get back on that horse... today.

Thanks for cheering me up!

Hey..lets both try to stay healthy for a while!

carlos said...

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