March 21, 2006

the pull of the future

So soon it begins already; that lazy putting off 'til tomorrow what should have been done today. I had the morning free, I should have gone for a run; didn't even have to be that long. But instead I slept in (oh the pull of my PerfectSleeper matress is so strong these days!) and then farted around filing old papers and generally trying to get my shit together to get my taxes done. Then I thought I'd bicycle to work, but again, left the house to late to chance it, had to take the subway. (I can't wait to get my motorcycle back. The work on it is almost done.)

Tomorrow will either be a new 3 to 4 mile route incorporating some of my older Gowanus canal route, or I will bicycle in to work; either way, I'll get a good workout and my legs will train up a little bit more. Formal training has gone to hell for now and my only goal before Nashville is to get to a 10 or 11 mile long run on a weekend, a goal I think is in easy reach, given that six wasn't too bad Saturday.

I find myself looking forward more and more to not only running nonstop again, but also running faster. I know I have it in me to break a two-hour half-marathon, even to get it down to 1:45 someday, if I remain dedicated enough in my training. I KNOW I can break a five-hour marathon and possibly even 4:30 - again if my training remains dedicated, reasonable, and my lungs don't betray me again.

Now, some time ago I got the email from NYRR that confirms I can have a guaranteed entry into this year's NY marathon. It gave me a thrill to get it, but I've been sitting on it, wanting first to confirm that I can run again before actually entering. Well, if two weekends of decent runs aren't a clear sign, I don't know what is. So tonight, I put in my entry!

The application process is easy enough, hardly more than confirming who I am and affirming my intention to run the marathon....and giving my credit card info. (Seriously, for all that happens before, during, after, and around the Marathon, I'm surprised entry fees are as low as they are. Huge praise to all the volunteers.) When I completed the process, my receipt popped up on screen with "confirmed spot" written in large letters. I have to admit to doing the happy dance. Just a little bit.

Special to you-know-who: lottery entry deadline is July 1. *hint* *hint*


Danny said...


good luck man!!

Steve said...

Ditto! and thanks for the kind words too!