October 26, 2005

aborted workout

I'm a bit down about today's run. I was going to go for five and found myself aborting the run after a mile and a half.

I'd set out in the right amount of clothes for the weather and I'm glad I got THAT right, but there were other problems that just added up. My legs felt like wooden logs - not painful, though there was muscle soreness, but mostly just heavy, leaden feeling. There was the wind, which was brutal. There were times when I'd come to an intersection and the wind would slow me to a stop. It was just too bad to keep running in. Even dressed properly, I was getting very cold hands, my nose was running faster than I was, and I kept inhaling my own hair. I really shouldn't have left the house without some kind of cap, I guess.

Anyway, I feel like crap for ditching the run; but I guess we all have days when it just doesn't work out. I did hop on my bike and go for a 2 1/2 mile ride to mail a package and retrieve mail from the old apartment...but it still doesn't make up.

In other news, I got my assignments today for the Marathon. I'll be helping out at the Friendship Run, the Expo Registration tables for two days, and - as noted before - some medical thing on the big day. Somehow, I've managed to fill a solid week with marathon activities...and I'm not even running the damn thing! God, I'm going to consider this payment in advance for a good run in 2006, alright?

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Danny said...

I'll definitely stop by at the expo...