October 25, 2005

just a collection of random thoughts

Not running today. If the rain slacks off, I'm going to go get in 10 miles on my bike. My bike isn't an ultra-fast uber-racer, like Wil's new machine, but it is a standard Schwinn men's 10-speed, a few years old, non-descript black, uncomfortable to sit on, but just fine for pedaling around, even getting some speed up. Problem is, I'm as bad at it as I was at running a year ago when I tackled my first Turkey Trot. I need practice. And, yes, I have the idea that maybe by spring, I'll be in bike-shape enough to tackle a small biathlon.

I'm considering Nashville as my next marathon. It gives me the winter to train up, but promises more mild weather to run in. I'll have to broach the idea to my sister, who has already suggested a few other places we can run together.

I'm enjoying my first morning off in a month. I finally got a full eight hours of sleep last night - ten actually - and I feel well-rested. My landlord - god bless him - got my voice message asking him to reschedule the plumber and he actually did so! How unheard of is that? A landlord who put my comfort and rest before the needs of the finicky scheduling of getting a plumber in for some maintenance?

I've begun taking my resting pulse rate at various time of day. Oddly enough, its higher upon waking than it is just before I fall asleep - or at other resting moments of the day. I suppose it's because my body expects me to get out of bed and go and is adjusting accordingly. Anyway, it's a good heartrate, at rest: 54 BPM. I think I can say my heart's in reasonably good shape.

I'm stoked about helping out at the upcoming marathon. I haven't got word yet from NYRR and suspect it's because I haven't picked up my mail at the old place in a couple weeks; must do that today on my way into Manhattan for rehearsal.


Yvonne said...

I just got my letter yesterday about it. Where abouts will you be?

DebbieJRT said...

I got my letter yesterday, as well. I'll be at the Queens aid station during the race. I volunteered for the Saturday afternoon session at the expo. Anyone else going to be there?

nyflygirl said...

i'm volunteering at the mile 18 PowerGel station-the Flyers have "owned" that station this year and last. best seat in the house, IMHO. great time last year.