August 24, 2005

Great Runs Through Recent History

Greetings, runners!

Another week, another lifetime's worth of shoes, miles, injuries, and achievements. But where to begin? What to focus on?

Several marathons around the country were run this week, including the Pike's Peak Marathon, the ING Edmonton Marathon, Humpy's Classic in Anchorage, and the Silver State Marathon. Here's a nifty entry about running Pike's Peak. And here's another long description of the torture from TexasRunner. And Citizen Frank runs his first marathon. But in general, the blogging community seems a little skittish about posting big events this week.

So let's concentrate on something positive: The Great Runs. The Best. Runs. EVAR! We've all had one, right? We know what they feel like. Reading about other people's fantastic runs is energizing, enlightening, and edifying.

Danny begins his long-haul of training and discovers the glories of a great run. Scott gives us his very funny run-down of his best here. Sue, a plucky beginner, let's us in on the astonishment of actually having a good run. And Holly let's us in on her Apprehension and how she deals with it.

More experienced runners weighed in, too, with stories of outstanding runs: Danielle tries to describe fartlek speed training and takes us along for the ride. Personally, I got in my own version of fartlek and just jammed. In the meantime, Jennifer in Canada posts her Best. Race. Ever. Nosebleed also had a great interval run.

Some Great Run entries were a little off the beaten path and quite entertaining. Brian expresses every single runner's hopes notches up a solid at the same time. For grins, this one made me laugh out loud.

In not quite blogging-land, an unusual event on the horizon, as Brian raises diabetes awareness by swimming handcuffed. And for you suffering hard-cores in Denver, the good news is you're getting a real marathon! .

Finally, in New We All Can Use, nice-guys Sue and Paul give us a great new online tool, pointed out to me by Danny, who is training for his first 26.2 By the way, folks, don't forget to nominate your best entries or the entries you've run across on other people's blogs by submitting them to derek. And if you leave comments on people's blogs, don't forget to tell them about the Carnival!

'Til next time,


beverly said...

Thanks for a great rundown ... it's wonderful to visit new blogs.

Frank Myers said...

Thanks for doing the carnivale of runners. I've met some new bloggers because you dropped my site in the list! I've especially enjoyed reading so many more runner blogs than I realized was out there!

Stephanie said...

Wow, great rundown. Found all sorts of new reads!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

awesome new reads! thanks!

nickt said...

What a super idea! Cool news reads.

Darcy's Mama said...

Thanks for mentioning me (Sue) and thanks also for your encouraging words on my blog! I'll be checking back in for updates.

sue said...