July 29, 2010

getting going again

It is so hard to get going again. After my long layoff from running in late May and mid-June, it has been hard to restart. I'd be lucky to get out once a week. The heat and humidity combo here has also been hard to stomach.

But the Staten Island Half looms and I need to get on the stick. I've got shoes to break in and miles to burn in.

Today is the third time I've been out this week. I had a pretty good run Tuesday and was hoping to recapture that today. But shin splints have been haunting me and I just took my new Brooks Adrenaline 10s out for a spin. Wow are they stiff. And I can tell I'm weak in all the areas runners are often weak in. I have such a long way to go.

As motivation, I've been watching some races recently. Actually, I've been photographing them, simultaneously exercising my investment in camera gear and and renewing my interest in racing. I want to have a good October, if not dazzling, and part of attaining that is getting excited about being part of a group event again.

I've put up some photos of the Queens Half and the NYC Triathlon on Picasa.

From NYC Triathlon July 18, 2010

From NYC Triathlon July 18, 2010

From Queens Half Marathon

From Queens Half Marathon

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