July 31, 2010

Back in training; first long run

I know. 4 miles doesn't sound like the world's longest "long" run. But consider that it's been a couple months since I've run that distance. Also consider that I managed a 13 minute per mile pace - only a little slower than my regular runs now - and I'm off to a good start for my half-marathon training.

This wasn't easy. I don't have the fitness or lung capacity like I used to. The heat didn't help, but that's my own fault. This run, in my old pair of running shoes, was much more comfortable than the last run in my new shoes. Got to get those broken in.

And still I'm put to shame by my friends, such as MichJoy, who'll biked 40 miles today and who'll run 14 miles next weekend. Or my friend the Running Laminator, who will be running 20 or more tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, I want to get up and go shoot that run, the first long training run that NYRR sponsors for the marathon trainees... but I should've been in been two hours ago and still have hiccups... :(

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