May 30, 2010

Tel Aviv run

I managed to put in a 30 minute run today, though there were a lot of walking bits. I found it very hard to get going. It doesn't help that I was coming off a very long previous day of travel and didn't sleep well the night before. My right knee was killing me, probably from having twisted it while running around in the sand and surf nearby.

So today's run required the last of the Tylenol I brought with me. The fact that I forgot to stock up on the Tylenol 8-hour before leaving worries me.

I ran from my hotel, the Grand Beach, toward some distant power plant tower. It was quite a ways off and I think the total run was probably 2.25 miles or so. I'm not sure, because RunKeeper couldn't acquire GPS signal.

We're staying in the hotel beach district, which is pretty much like any hotel beach vacation area anywhere. The city reminds me at times of San Diego, Florida, and Las Vegas. I like the boardwalk, where I ran. It's clear that different stretches were put together by different organizations at different times, but it all flows together and is all in good repair. The public beaches are also very good, nicely maintained, with chairs and umbrellas and the like.

So after a very long day of travel that stretched from 3pm Friday to 3pm Saturday, with a plane that took off 3 hours late, today was a scheduled day off, which I think all of us crew really needed, to reorient ourselves. Tomorrow is load-in for our first stop. The schedule seems sane enough, with plenty of time to get the job done.