May 22, 2010

3rd annual IPF run-walk-hike, Central Park

After a short run Thursday and half hour of elliptical Friday, I was primed to put in a longer run today. The IPF run I'd signed up for some weeks ago is an organized event, but does not break my "no racing for a year" vow - it was more like a guided activity. This was fine with me.

It was set to begin at a decent hour, 10, instead of the insanely early 7 a.m. of a certain other race (Brooklyn Half), so i was able to get up at 6:30, take my time leaving the house, and still got to Central Park by 9. I hopped off the subway at 59th and trotted up to 86th. I had worn the baby blue PF support shirt my parents had sent and was relieved to exchange it for a dark blue shirt, though the run shirt was also cotton and today was warm enough that tech material would have been more welcome. Still, it doesn't have a shriveled, blackened lung on the back, so its all good. (Not that I object outright to the shirt, mom,'s more than a little in-your-face in its message.) I used the baby blue one again after the run to change into, as I'd sweated through the dark blue one. :(

Anyway, the run itself was low-key. There were about 200 particpants, which is amazing, since this began two years ago with 25 people, according to the organizer Terrance Hale. His dad, a transplant recipient, was also there, looking hale and hearty. Neat. The event was split into a 5K run, a 1 mile walk, and a kids' hike over to Belvedere Castle and back. It felt nice to run again with a group of other people, especially as so many of them were my speed. It was nice to fall into a steadier, comfortable pace and even tackle a couple of hills. My first walk break came at Cat Hill. I walked more after that and was soon alone. I finished up, helped myself to an apple and water and left soon after, though I made sure to thank Terry for putting the event together.


Christie said...

Looks like a good race. I can totally cosign a later start. That crack of dawn business is for the birds. So what's up with this no racing vow?

Anonymous said...

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