February 9, 2010

Slow evolution

I know running two miles at a time isn't making me a better runner. It's really only lung clearance. But it's also all I can manage right now. It takes all my willpower just to go out and run. I look foward to boring elliptical more; I don't know why.

So the good news is that the last run was better than Sunday's and I nearly got down to 12:00 minute miles. My resting heart rate is starting to come down, too, from the cardio of the elliptical. My lungs feel OK; neither good nor bad and I can live with that. I'm coughing up green stuff, but not a lot of it and I don't cough at night that I know of. And I'm getting stronger. I was able to up the resistance on the lat pulls from 70 to 80 last time and it didn't feel too hard. I'm starting to work with weights that move in more than one axis, so am developing all muscles around the targeted structures. (i.e. most machines are single-axis movement - no stabilizing muscles need come into play; some machines are dual axis so you have to use more muscles; and then there are free weights) I am getting stronger again and getting some muscle definition PLUS PUTTING ON WEIGHT. Not a whole lot yet, but there was a time back in October when I stepped on the scale and it read 117 lbs. Now it is consistently reading 126 or more.

I'm going out to New Jersey for a week starting Thursday. Supposed to be waist-high in snow, so running might not happen at all (running on their roads facing traffic is dicey enough without snow). But I think the school I'm designing for has a gym. If so, I intend to hit it hard while I'm there. Lots of cardio, lots of weights (at least twice), and lots of food.


Christie said...

I guess the weight gain is all muscle. So how's the Jersey thing going so far?

Jago Holmes said...

Sometimes you've got plan around problems. Snow on the roads, no problem just use the gym... most wouldn't think that way. It'd be a reason not to do anything - good for you.