February 20, 2010

not the best february for running

Haven't gotten too many runs in this month. I've got more gym workouts than runs, actually. Even last Thursday, I did a gym workout at Blair Academy, where I was lighting a show. They have a really nice fitness room, with good equipment. I even tried a few minutes of barefoot running while I was there. Definitely can run faster and definitely puts you up on your forefoot, but I don't think it's wise to run barefoot for very long.

Today's run was OK.

I meant to do four miles, but a loop around the cemetery is just as good, especially as it has hills. The first mile was very slow; I just wasn't feeling it. Only reason I went out was because the weather was great and I really needed some lung clearance. (Speaking of which, I kept passing other people's spit - looked like mine. They need to see a doctor!) Second mile started to get better - of course it had a long downhill and a lot of flat to it. The third mile, with a big uphill, was much slower again, but felt better. Shin splints were mild and went away for the last 3/4 mile, where my pace was the best of the whole run. Not fast, not even close to my target pace, but better than nothing. Coughed my head off pretty much the whole way, though, and not bringing up very much. I felt better after the run than before it, but still not fabulous.

Baptised new running shoes in the slush. I'd begun to wonder if part of my shin splint problem isn't that my shoes are fairly worn - after all, with such reduced running, I've been wearing the same pair for both running and walking around town. This may be a mistake. The new shoes felt softer, of course, and my footfall was different. Much nicer ride.

I passed several other runners, including one guy in a t-shirt and shorts. Nice to see. Another few degrees warmer and I can lose a layer myself and maybe go back to shorts.

Really don't have a lot to say right now. I'm pretty stressed with the renovation plans and dealing with the architect; not enough paying work; too many things people want from me that aren't bringing in money (meetings, etc.); stupid fucking tenant that I'm regretting having leased to. Winter. Just got back from New Jersey and I'm leaving again for Florida this week for a few days.

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Christie said...

Florida has better weather than Jersey. I have family all over the place down there. Which part are you going to?