February 26, 2010

Second Satellite Beach run

"Cancelled," I told the elderly French couple in the line ahead of me, waving my hands side to side, flat, low, to emphasize the point. Their looks of confusion turned to dismay; they didn't understand much English, but they understood that. Between my gestures and an Italian woman's rough translation, I tried to communicate that though their flight to Brussels wouldn't be going through New York today, they would probably be re-routed through Atlanta or Chicago for a connecting flight to France. They would be on their way with only a few hours' delay.

I was not so lucky, myself. Or was I? With all three NY-area airports socked in by snow and slush, flights to the area were dear. My flight was cancelled, something I'd known had I bothered to check the web before leaving Satellite Beach. I was booked on a flight for 6 p.m. the next day. So I called my father and wandered over to the food court while waiting for him to turn around and come back to the airport. I, fortunately, at least have a place to stay tonight and good company; other New York bound travelers are not so lucky, I am sure.

And, after all, it's one more day in sunny Florida, in gorgeous 50-degree weather, rather than a day in frigid, snowy, slushy, grey, gloomy New York. Can't really complain about that.

Once we got back to the house, dad prepared to go off for physical therapy and I prepared to head out for a run - which included taking some Tylenol. My joints ache - ankles, knees, hips. Maybe it's the change to the new shoes - too much all at once. And unlike Wednesday, I had shin splints today. But the coughing was much, much less and I was able to get some longish stretches of running strung together, sometimes throwing in some strides. I'm happy to see improvement, but I am still very slow overall.

Also, at the end of my run, while stretching out my legs against the school fence opposite the house, I got taunted by a couple kids. They had passed me a couple minutes previously, one on a bike, the other walking, and way, way down the sidewalk, they paused to turn around and shout something at me, but I have no idea what, other than "kiss the fence". I'm still a little puzzled.

Now I'm doing therapy, having a rare soda, and munching on leftover edamame. I could get really used to some edamame after a run. Flank steak tonight for dinner; that will be nice. :) Tomorrow's dinner will be something from the food court. Then it's the red-eye for me. No rest for the wicked, I suppose.

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