October 15, 2009

Random thoughts for the day

In place of a report on running and health, I bring to you some random thoughts not appropriate for Facebook.

1) "When you prick us, do we not bleed?" -Shylock. "Well, no, not always. Sometimes you have to prick a second time, or even a third. Kind of a pain in the ass, really." -Cris

2) Bye-Bye Birdie, the only musical during which I root for the death of the main character, is a well-known standby of small, amateur acting companies worldwide. Having first been mounted in the 1950's, this tired old nag is being hauled out of the stable once again, as Broadway producers continue to fall into the "re-tread, re-mount, re-envision" artistic trap. Yup, nothing says $$$ like failing to contribute to the development of original American theatre. HEY, BROADWAY: MAYBE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CAN GET AWAY WITH TROTTING OUT COVERS AS ORIGINAL WORK, BUT YOU CAN'T. YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY, FOOL.

3) I <3 Carrie Fischer. Still.

4) Go Bloomberg.

5) What the hell? Two weeks ago, it was summer, last week, fall. Today it's winter already.

6) Doctor: let's extend IVs to a third week. Architect: Here's some groundplans, what do you think? Lawyer: it's not so much a question of to whom you will leave your assets as it is to whom you leave your debts. Welcome to real life.

7) You named your kid Falcon?? Jesus, no wonder he does stupid shit. I hope the state sues you AND your ancestors.

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