August 14, 2009

weird 2 miler

Trying to forget the heat and shitstorms of the week. Fringe is fucking killing me. Now I'm running my own lights, because it became clear in tech this morning that we just don't have enough hands on deck - and with such a poor plot to work off of (rep plot, not mine), I've got to make sure even the few lights I refocus get refocused right, every time. I'm also not convinced the cues are finished. May tweak them some more. We open Sunday.

In other news, saw my endo yesterday and walked away as moderately unhappy as I entered. I brought up my concerns and complaints. I tried not to make it sound like I wanted special treatment (I don't) or that I'm a whiny bitch (you decide). But I think it's fair that the doctor knows how I feel about her, the clinic, and the process so far. She made some valid points, but also made some arguments that really didn't help. She point blank told me that she has a very large caseload and that personalized attention - even returning a phone call - was not on the table. Essentially, my nutritionist there is my point person. I'm OK with that to an extent (it is clear that they communicate with each other), but it is a kind of process I experience no where else. Is this common at diabetes clinics?

It also doesn't help that I think I simply don't like HER. She's cold and impersonal; even when I have her full attention, I feel like I'm getting the brushoff. This is not how I imagine the beginning of a possibly life-long doctor-patient relationship.

Kept my run shorter than the scheduled 4 miles because I'm moving the weekend long run up to tomorrow, rather than Sunday. So 12 or 13 miles tomorrow, early, before it gets hot; then take pictures of the NYC Half Sunday morning, hand out Team Boomer fliers at the finish (Maybe), and then open my Fringe show in the afternoon. Add cleaning the house, doing all the dishes, and trying to file six weeks' worth of receipts and bills and the weekend is looking very full.

Sushi tonight, though. :)

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