August 11, 2009

shitty workout

4 easy miles on the calendar. I substituted with 30 minutes on the stationary bicycle and a mile on the treadmill. I would have liked to have done two miles on the treadmill, but my asthma kicked in early, despite having taken albuterol, and just got worse and worse as the workout progressed. I barely finished the mile. Walking home was very slow. I'm doing therapy now and I hope that helps. This weather is miserable. Maybe I should move to Canada.

Busy times, these are. I'm managing to juggle it all, but I'll be glad when I get my Fringe show, Ectospasms, teched and open. I have to swing by Home Despot tomorrow a.m. and pick up a dual-head worklight, because the venue director of the space doesn't want us to use the Q-lite we have for our silouhette (the lamp is unprotected - a valid concern in a festival setting, I suppose, but one not taken seriously in most theatres regarding this particular model of light.) Fringe giveth, and Fringe taketh away.

Thursday is my big grand second endocrinology appointment. It's been so long, I have to look up the doctor's name just to prepare my invective. Oh, yes, I am preparing as non-emotional a statement of my concerns as possible. I want to level my charges and solicit her response. I am afraid that, yes, I am loading up both barrels and that as a result, the appointment may not be productive as a checkup - but will be very revealing as to whether I continue to go to Naomi-Berri center. Basically, I want to be convinced that I am in good hands, that my endo discusses my case with my CF specialist when needed, and that I am being treated correctly with all due attention my complications need. I'm not asking for special treatment, but at the moment, I simply feel like a number in their system, and wonder if my treatment is even close to correct. It is COMMON, but is it CORRECT? If it is, then it is a treatment I had to bully them into prescribing and I'm pretty displeased with THAT. Etcetera. You get the general idea. We'll see what happens.

My plan is to run after work tomorrow. Supposed to be 7 miles of hills, but I will probably keep it to 6.

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